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LOCATION | Physio At The Beach


Physio at the Beach is located at picturesque Sunset Beach close to Grand Beach Provincial Park. The clinic is located right at the water's edge of beautiful Lake Winnipeg. Patients often take advantage of their trip to Sunset Beach to enjoy a stroll along the lakeshore.

Getting There

If approaching from the south (ie., Winnipeg) head north on highway 59 until the road forks for either Grand Beach on the left (route 12) or Victoria Beach on the right (highway 59).

Take the left fork (route 12) and proceed until the signs indicate the turn to the East Beach area.  Immediately after that, turn onto the dirt road on your left (road 500).

Proceed in a southerly direction for about 1 mile until you reach Road 103, turn right and continue about another mile.

This road ends at the water's edge, turn left here on Pine Street: Physio at the Beach is in the third cottage on the right (number 9 Pine Street). The clinic is located in the garage building.

If approaching from the north (Victoria Beach), head south on highway 59, turn right at Fey Road and then again on route 12.

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