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Jenny Terrio Baturin | Registered Physiotherapist


THE CLINIC | At Sunset Beach


Physio at the Beach was established in 2005 to meet the needs of local year-round residents and the seasonal population that arrives during the summer. Proximity to the local communities of Pine Falls, St. Georges, Sagkeeng and Brokenhead allows former patients from those areas to continue treatment with Jenny.

Jenny at clinicPhysio at the Beach initially operated only during the summer months.  However with increasing caseload the clinic is now open from early spring to late fall.  This allows Jenny and her husband Terry to spend a few months during the winter season with family in BC.

Clinic hours tend to vary from week to week due to caseload and availability. Weekend appointments are available with advance notice and by special request.

The clinic is equipped with standard, modern modalities such as ultra-sound, TENS machines, muscle stimulation, acupuncture and taping supplies. Some equipment is available for rent or purchase such as TENS machines. Due to the isolated nature of the clinic, Jenny is able to use Moxa to augment acupuncture treatments (the strong odour is not acceptable in most, multi-purpose clinics).

Exercise equipment includes free weights, theraband, stationery bike, Swiss (exercise) balls and wobble boards. Jenny encourages her patients to do their exercises daily at home using portable equipment (such as theraband) so generally her exercise programs do not require the use of a fully-equiped gym.

On several occasions during warm weather, Jenny has 'reconvened' the clinic to the sandy beach for hydrotherapy treatments in the lake for balance exercises, and for gait correction on the sand!


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